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Line Em Up The Board Ios gives you a fun and challenging board game right in your pocket.

It is time to finally challenge your friends, family and random opponents in a game of Line ‘Em Up.

Line Em Up The Board Mod For Ios

Game Features:

– Multiplayer gameplay

– Play with friends or random opponents

– Complete challenges

– Chat with your opponents

Line Em Up The Board Ipa Download

– Online indicator show if your opponent is still online

– Fast game mode and slow game mode

– Earn coins to unlock avatars

– Play more with additional games

Line Em Up The Board Ipa Download For Ios

Game modes:

24Hour game mode: This game mode gives you 24 hours to respond whenever it is your turn. This game mode gives you the freedom of playing whenever you have a few minutes to relax and enjoy some Line ‘Em Up

60Second game mode: This game mode gives you 60 seconds to respond whenever it is your turn. This keeps the game going at a steady pace and adds the challenge of beating the clock or losing the game.

Line Em Up The Board Mod

The Rules:

The rules of Line ‘Em Up are simple, first player who creates two rows of five chips wins the game.

At the beginning of the game each player is dealt seven (7) playing cards. These cards will represent your options of placing chips on the board. The starting player selects the card they wish to play, and then selects one of the locations on the board that match the selected card. A new card is automatically drawn from the deck, and it is now player 2’s turn. The players now take turn placing chips and creating rows.

Line Em Up The Board Mod Apk

When a row of five chips has been created, the row is locked for the rest of the game.

There are a few ways to make it easier for you to get a row, or to stop your opponent from getting one. As you may have noticed Jacks are not depicted on the board.

The blue Jacks are wild cards. Selecting a blue jack gives you the ability to place a chip on any of the free spots on the board. These are often used to either block your opponent from getting a row, or to finish a row of your own.

Line Em Up The Board Last Version Mod Ipa

The red Jacks are a bit different. Selecting a red jack give you the ability to remove one of your opponent’s chips (unless it is part of a locked row). This is often used if you opponent has previously blocked your row, or if your opponent is close to getting a row.

A faster way of getting a row of five chips, is to use one of the corner chips. These chips count as one of your own, meaning you would only need to place four chips out from a corner to get a row. Another option, is to utilize one of the locked chips from a previous row, to create a new one.

Line Em Up The Board Download For Ios Iphone

Find a bug, or experience an issue?

Please feel free to contact me and I will see to solve the problem as fast as possible.


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How to install Line Em Up The Board MOD Install For Ios IPA?

1. Tap the downloaded Line Em Up The Board MOD Install For Ios IPA file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.